Busy weekend of updates

If you haven’t been to the site in a while you will probably notice a lot of changes to the layout. As I’ve added more and more content the menus were getting a little cumbersome. To make the site easier to navigate I did a major rearranging of the Amateur Radio pages.

Where the Summits in the Air activation reports used to be in the main menu, they are now accessed from a single landing page. This tidied things up nicely and allows for more expansion later on.

I’ve also added a brand new section with an Introduction to Field Operating. The landing page has links to a series of four instructional pages, each of which walks you through how to operate in the field. The instructions start with simple handheld stations and finish up with full digital HF setups.

I also added a new landing page for Parks on the Air Activations, but at this point it is still just a preview of what is to come. I am hoping to build out the pages for each activation in the next week.