About Brandon Clark Labs

Updated 2021-01-01

Outdoors Life

I was born and raised in southern California, but never took to city life very well. Almost as soon as I had my driver’s license I was traveling around on the back roads in my well-used, much-repaired 1992 Toyota pickup.

I eventually graduated to backpacking and trips in the deserts and mountains. Death Valley was always my first love, but Sequoia National Park, Mojave National Monument, and Carrizo Plain National Monument were all my stomping grounds at one point or another.

My latest adventures have been taking me around Alaska. After moving here in 2017 it has been an adjustment, but a good one. I miss the deserts, but there is certainly no shortage of places to explore up here.

Amateur Radio

I first came across amateur radio while volunteering at a bike race in 2012. Some operators were providing race communications and I took an interest. In 2015 I finally got licensed as a way to keep in touch while off in the wilderness.

I took the Technician and General exams on the same day, passing both and earning the call, KK6TLJ. In 2016 I received the vanity call N6BSC, and in 2017 earned my Amateur Extra license with full operating privileges. After a permanent move to Alaska in 2017 I changed call signs again, this time to my current KL7BSC call.

Life in a neighborhood doesn’t help HF operating, so field and portable operating are my mainstays. Summits on the Air, VHF contests, Field Day, and Parks on the Air are the kinds of events that I do most. I am the Vice President for the Alaska VHF-Up Group, working hard to push VHF and UHF activity here in South-Central Alaska. I also try to stay active with the Matanuska Amateur Radio Association.

Shooting Sports

I got my start behind a rifle when I was in elementary school, but life got in the way for a long time until I became active again in my 20’s. I was drawn to the precision of varminting and long target work, making my first 600+ yard shots with my own reloads and a rifle I had assembled myself.

The political climate in California treats gun owners like criminals, so staying active in the shooting sports was difficult. Those problems went away when I moved to Alaska. Since then I’ve gotten back behind the scope and never looked back.

My latest forays in the shooting sports have centered on hunting, PRS matches, and F-Class. 2020 was my first two (unsuccessful) hunting trips. I didn’t harvest any animals, but I learned a great deal. I also went to my first PRS match where I had a lot of fun. I’m looking forward to 2021.