Website Work Blitz

It’s been a busy summer and fall, but I’m back to working on the site. New material should be up and available within the next few days.

Conjurer Rebuild Page

Last year I rebuilt a pre-accutrigger Savage 30-06 Springfield rifle and made it into a decent long-range hunting rifle. Not bad for a $200 used rifle picked up at the local gun shop. Check out the photos and how-to showcasing the project on the new page.

Backcountry Radios

This is a page that I’ve been wanting to put together for a long time. I had a clear idea about what I wanted to showcase, but then another season of actually using gear proved be wrong on a few fronts.

After some heavy reevaluation of gear durability, cost, weight, and reach I’ve finally put together what I think is a good introduction to the use of radios in the backcountry.

2020 June VHF Contest Success

The contests are a lot of fun, but I’ll admit that it feels good to be back home after the rover run. We finally managed to get the route in all the way from Anchorage down to Homer this time. Check the new page added with info and lessons learned.

Going Old School

A while back I finished a restoration and accurizing project involving one of my dad’s old rifles. It started out as a 1980’s box-stock Remington 700 in 243 Winchester. The gun was in decent shape and I managed to retain the original look while adding some much-desired improvements. It now has old school charm combined with new school features like glass bedding, a new scope, and a proper recoil pad. It also shoots!